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Dec. 15th, 2004 @ 09:48 am 2 thoughts roasted in punctuation marks and garnished with a spell checker
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Last night I cooked puloo and for once it was perfect -- despite the fact I was using soybean oil instead of sunflower oil and I didn't really have any of the right spices!!! I think today I'm going to go to Cornucopia and buy a ton of food to cook for </span></a>wipedout</span> when she comes. There is something unexpectedly philosophical about cooking just as mathematics, or painting can be suprisingly profound. After the first horrid hour when every thing seems to be going wrong one suddenly becomes really aware of the fact that the whole world could be understood in terms of cooking instructions, or fractals, or oil paints.

On other matters, I really want to go to London -- they have pigeons there, instead of crows; I'd rather be in a place with pigeons than a place with crows.  U.S.A is overrun by crows -- so going to the Grad school equalivent in London is a much better idea. And yes, </span></a>questioncurl</span> I shall come back with a british accent and you will have to either eat your words or disown me.</p>
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