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Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 03:47 pm (no subject)
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Today my grandmother called -- instead of listening to her tell me of my various cousins' achievements and telling her mine, mummy's and shalini's achievements for once, we actually talked and I told her that i wanted to go home after this year. My grandmother was shocked -- i think she was planning to set herself up as the matriarch of a large family consisting of her grandchildren all settled in the U.S.A and my going home interferes with this. Then i told her that U.S.A had a bad economy and it's almost impossible to get jobs here -- after the years of propaganda that she has been fed by my uncle she's finally realising that this place isn't all it's cracked up to be. I don't understand how can she not see how my uncle and his family are imprisoned here by all the money, and suburban lawns and P.T.A meetings she likes so much. I'd hate to live like them it would be so claustrophobic. Then she tried to change the subject and asked me if I had a boyfriend... (my poor poor grandmother).
Anyway it got me thinking about what do i really want and the whole day today all these phrases have been tumbling into my head: "intellectual stimulation," "family" "london" "good indian food" "social work" "poetry circles" "money" "intellectual stimulations once again" "mummy" "shalini" "vacations in India" "theatre"... Maybe i'll be able to put them together in a sentence and finally come up with something that looks like a career i can pursue.

On a unrelated note -- questioncurl update already.
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indian grandmothers should not be allowed to ask about granddaughters having boyfriends...it is much to scary a perspective....shudder... imagine discussing boyfriends with grandmothers....oh lord..now i know im goingto have nightmares tonight.....
as for the career stuff- go with the flow..:)